EVANSVILLE, INDIANA—Tiffany Ball never forgot what Shawn Collins said seven years ago when they first met through Leadership Evansville, “I want to help shape the community.” Recently, when her not-for-profit group, the Jacob Ball Wish Fund, needed a website, Tiffany knew exactly where to turn: EXTEND COMMUNITY, the community-focused branch of the Evansville-based marketing company, EXTEND GROUP, led by Shawn Collins, Founder & CEO.

Shawn and his team immediately went to work on the project, crafting a mobile-friendly site for jacobswish.org. The Jacob Ball Wish Fund is an endeavor created in memory of Tiffany and Brian Ball’s late son. Born with double-congenital heart disease, Jacob also suffered from seizures, never spoke verbally, and was autistic. According to the organization’s mission statement, “The Jacob Ball Wish Fund benefits children as special as he was. Although Jacob was only 12 when he passed away in 2013, his joyful impact continues through the “wishes” that provide special needs students with the experiences and developmental skill builders that would otherwise be unavailable to them.” The organization has already funded a field trip to St. Louis, purchased band instruments, and classroom resources for area students. Thank you notes and pictures from appreciative students are featured on the newly-launched website. Those seeking to have a “wish” funded on behalf of a child will find the simple application process online: jacobswish.org. Donations to fund a wish may also be made via the site.

EXTEND COMMUNITY reflects Shawn Collins’ personal and professional passion for engaging and enhancing communities. At his organization, wanting to, “help shape the community,” is a daily commitment.

Contact: Shawn Collins/Founder & CEO 855.306.8818