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EVANSVILLE, INDIANA— With EXTEND COMMUNITY’s recent launch of the Dubois County Museum Website, the all-volunteer organization is now able to connect with more of the residents, visitors, families, groups, and students who’d benefit from experiencing the numerous exhibits, speakers, and programs it offers. Located in Jasper, Indiana, the Dubois County Museum has been in operation since 1999. In addition to featuring limited-time exhibits, Indiana’s largest County Museum also offers permanent displays. The themed, on-going exhibits include, German Heritage, Agriculture, Military, Sports, and Woodworking.

Team members of the Evansville, Indiana-based EXTEND COMMUNITY, were impressed by the scope of exhibits. Among the 38,000 pieces on display are an 1850 log home, period furniture, domestic items, ceramics, glassware, textiles, woodworking tools, farming implements, military artifacts, and model trains. States EXTEND COMMUNITY Founder and CEO, Shawn Collins, “With Indiana’s largest County Museum being operated on an all-volunteer basis, we believed the organization deserved an online presence that makes the most of the time and talent the group devotes to promoting the region’s rich history. EXTEND COMMUNITY was proud to create a Website that provides the ease of use and functionality that better serves museum visitors, volunteers, and donors. ” To that end, the site is completely responsive in design, making it easy to view and navigate via any device the user chooses. It also houses the forms relating to museum operations, including forms for donors, item donation forms, and sign-up forms for volunteers. To further enhance exploration of the museum, the site features free downloads for kids, such as scavenger hunt activity sheets. Monthly newsletters, both current and archived, are also viewable online. To access the site, visit

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