What do you do when your business and communications systems have coasted on autopilot for a number of years? That was the question Leadership Evansville faced earlier this year.

The organization pursues a mission “to develop effective leaders committed to using diversity and creativity for the betterment of the community.” But, in recent years, fulfilling that mission had become more challenging as technology seemed to outpace operations.

Through networking with the Evansville Chamber of Commerce, EXTEND GROUP founder and CEO Shawn Collins discovered Leadership Evansville’s need to bring all facets of its operations into harmony.

“Essentially, the organization had reached technological inertia,” says Shawn. “We found an invaluable community asset in need of a makeover so it could continue to lead Evansville with confidence and vision.”

The EXTEND GROUP started with a thorough assessment of the organization in light of its mission and vision. From there, the project team developed a plan document to guide the makeover process. High priorities included: reengineering an antiquated web site (leadershipevansville.org); configuring secure data management and storage systems; bringing office hardware (computers, printers, phone and fax systems) up to standards for efficiency; and creating a graphic identity consistent with the organization’s evolved, high-profile role in the community.

Among the solutions The EXTEND GROUP provided:

  • Acquisition of new hardware for enhanced operations efficiency, including: printers, computers, and smart phones for mobile technology.
  • Setup of third-party cloud servers (Microsoft SharePoint) for collaboration, information sharing and web publishing.
  • Establishment of a virtual phone system and 1-800 number through Grasshopper.
  • Integration of voice mail, e-mail and calendaring via Microsoft Exchange; members can now communicate with one another in any number of ways.
  • A brand zoom to understand LE’s market position and determine how the organization might most effectively promote itself.
  • Creation of brand character and marketing plan, along with identity package including new logo and tag line: “You. Me. We.”
  • Total web site development for leadershipevansville.org.
  • Assisted in planning and conducting the LE annual meeting in May, where Shawn Collins introduced the new brand and educated the organization about future online development.
  • The EXTEND GROUP completed the critical phases of work during the third quarter of 2010. The makeover positions Leadership Evansville for a more vibrant and influential role in nurturing leadership for the greater Evansville community.

Said Executive Director Lynn Miller-Pease: “In my fifteen years with Leadership Evansville, this is the first time we have had the capacity and technical support to fully engage our community in a dialogue about the future. Thanks to Shawn and The EXTEND GROUP, we are positioned to realize the potential of our organization for the benefit of everyone we serve.”