EXTEND COMMUNITY’s recent launch of an Android app adds yet another way for residents to strengthen connections with the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office. The new mobile app joins two previously-launched communication sources created by EXTEND COMMUNITY, including the Daviess County Sheriff’s Community Manager website, and an iOS app. The Android app is available for download at Google Play, while the iOS app, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, can be downloaded at iTunes. Both apps give users full access to the informative content of the Daviess County Sheriff’s Community Manager website: Emergency alerts, news, booking records, tip reporting, FAQs, and more. As Daviess County Sheriff Jerry Harbstreit explains,

“Based on the popularity of the web platform (www.dcsheriff.com), we and our partners at EXTEND COMMUNITY decided that mobile applications would be of significant value to the community.”

EXTEND COMMUNITY, the Community Manager branch of the Evansville, Indiana-based EXTEND GROUP, equates compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. heavy demand for apps with the significant growth of mobile usage. According to EXTEND GROUP Founder and CEO, Shawn Collins, “Reports indicate 90% of Americans have mobile phones. For many owners, these devices are their primary connection to all things online.” What’s more, 93% of users find these devices, “helpful” rather than, “annoying.” And 72% consider their devices, “connecting” not, “distracting.”

The web-based, Sheriff’s Community Manager platform, also created by EXTEND COMMUNITY, is currently used by Sheriffs in several Indiana counties to better connect, protect, and serve their public. EXTEND COMMUNITY is launching, or has launched apps for these Sheriff’s Offices, as well.

EXTEND COMMUNITY is an Indiana Sheriffs’ Association Gold Star Member and Preferred Vendor. Notes Shawn Collins, “We’re honored to be part of the positive process that builds a bridge of communication between those who protect their community and those who are the community.”

The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office apps are available for immediate download.
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