Alliance Creates Marketing Technology Leader in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry
The EXTEND GROUP, a marketing technology firm based in Evansville, Indiana, announces an agreement with that brings the two companies into the forefront of emerging marketing technology for the automotive aftermarket industry. EXTEND PERFORMANCE offers the automotive aftermarket industry full service, web-based marketing solutions that incorporate the online catalog.

“This venture represents the best strategic move for both and EXTEND GROUP,” says Jay Wright, President of Vertical Development, parent company of “We are confident that this partnership will increase our competitive advantage while enhancing our customer satisfaction.”

The two businesses first partnered together on Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems and had enormous success with Airtex’s online repositioning. “The combination of what and EXTEND GROUP have provided for us has far exceeded any of the goals we imagined.” said Brandon Kight, Director of Marketing for Airtex. “Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems already had industry recognized catalog data thanks to, but it’s now been taken to the next level visually and functionally with what EXTEND GROUP has added. Our brand awareness and value have increased dramatically, as proven by the online traffic and stickiness numbers alone over the past year. It just makes so much sense that these two would form a long-term strategic alliance. I know we couldn’t be happier with what they’ve done for Airtex.”

“Vertical Development’s expertise in online catalog capabilities will increase EXTEND GROUP’s portfolio of services by combining cutting-edge catalog management technology with a world class online communication tool that is tailored to the automotive aftermarket industry,” said Shawn Collins, Founder and CEO of EXTEND GROUP.

ABOUT SHOWMETHEPARTS.COM, a division of Vertical Development, is an online database enabling customers to search and find the right automotive part quickly. The benefits this software provides to businesses and their customers are numerous. The online catalogs keep product details, pricing and technical information up-to-date and easily accessible to customers. It allows customers to fully interact with the product, increasing customer satisfaction, while allowing the business to easily manage data and increase profits.


Based in Evansville, Indiana, EXTEND GROUP is a marketing and technology company dedicated to building partnerships with success-oriented companies through the creation and implementation of integrated solutions that advance their strategic business goals and deliver results.

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