The Benefits of Email Marketing

As today’s go-to mode of communication, email marketing lets you directly deliver your message to customers. As part of EXTEND GROUP’s integrated marketing approach, email offers unprecedented consumer reach to contemporary businesses.

While social media has become an essential component of any successful 21st century marketing plan, discounting email is a major strategic misstep. Email is not only alive and well, but remains the dominant form of communication: in fact, email accounts triple the sum of all Facebook and Twitter accounts combined.

If, like many other businesses, you’ve been distracted by social media, consider these staggering statistics about the power of email marketing strategies:

    • Global email accounts are expected to total 4.9 billion by the end of 2017.
    • More than 75 percent of global email accounts belong to consumers.
    • 64 percent of email recipients open an email based completely on the subject.
    • Emails with personalized subject lines are 22 percent more likely to be read.
    • Emails send on Mondays have the highest return.

At EXTEND GROUP, knowing these statistics — and hundreds more like them — is our business. Let us put them to work for you.

The fact is: social media or email alone is simply not enough. Cutting edge strategies require a comprehensive integration of marketing methods. That’s where EXTEND GROUP comes in.

Whether your goal is to inform current customers about enhanced products and services or to increase your database by engaging new customers, email marketing is a highly effective way to develop your business.

Just how effective? The numbers speak for themselves: consumers who receive email marketing spend a whopping 83 percent more resulting in an average return on investment of $44.25. What would your business model look like after an 83 percent increase in sales? It’s our mission to help you find out.

As an alternative to traditional offline marketing techniques, email marketing offers even greater incentives, such as reducing time, effort and expenses, promoting real-time information dissemination and offering increased opportunities for frequent and personalized communication.

Email marketing also delivers the enhanced ability to precisely track customer engagement and response throughout a complete cycle. The result? Understandable metrics which can be applied in meaningful ways.

Contact EXTEND GROUP today to learn more about implementing a dynamic and targeted email campaign as part of your content marketing strategies.

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