The Benefits of Photography And Video

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In content marketing, a picture — or video — is worth far more than that. While posting photos and videos may seem like a simple way to add life to your website, EXTEND GROUP offers critical image optimization techniques with the proven ability propel your business forward in a multitude of ways.

While there’s no denying the extraordinary impact of visual marketing, this technique is still woefully overlooked by business leaders and marketers alike who fail to fully comprehend its potential. Just how effective are images when used as a marketing tool in your media campaign? Consider these eye-opening facts:

  • A mere minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words — or 3,600 web pages.
  • Content that includes engaging images averages 94 percent more views than content without visuals.
  • More than 100 million internet users watch an online video every day, and nearly half of these share what they’ve viewed.
  • Incorporating video marketing can lead to a staggering 90 percent increase in conversions.

Ultimately, the degree to which visual marketing is successful depends on the mastery of image optimization. Pictures and videos can add life to a barren text-based page by introducing imagery, color and animation. However, these same pictures and videos can yield diminishing returns when poorly executed. If you’ve ever waited for a video to load or been misled by a blurry or inaccurate photo, you already understand some of the importance of the skillful integration of photos and videos.

And if your goal is to have your page shared — which it should be — finding the right images is even more momentous.

But it’s not just about better-looking, faster-loading photos and videos. Image optimization is also a valuable SEO tactic with the ability to significantly improve search engine visibility. In fact, optimized images can even appear in Google’s search results.

From crafting effective image descriptions and SEO-friendly file names to selecting optimal image dimensions and using the right image format, EXTEND GROUP can partner with you to harness the extraordinary impact of visual marketing without compromising the consumer experience. In other words, we can help you see the big picture.

Contact the experts at EXTEND GROUP today to learn more about the impact of image optimization as part of your integrated marketing communication strategy.

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