The Benefits of SEO

SEO. Three letters alone strike fear in the hearts of the most formidable business leaders. Not so for the SEO strategists at EXTEND GROUP. Our proven SEO savvy offers the inside track on optimizing results. If your SEO efforts are missing the mark — and most are — it’s time to make a change to EXTEND GROUP.

Just how important is SEO? A whopping 75 percent of users never venture beyond the first page of search results. In other words, if your page doesn’t make the cut, it won’t be seen…thereby rendering it useless in terms of promoting your business.

Compelling SEO methodologies becomes even more essential when you consider that internet searches top social media by 300 percent in driving traffic to websites. The Yellow Pages, meanwhile, are firmly the past. The ability to harness the power of SEO is the present and future of critical brand visibility.

Between awareness and anonymity, the choice is clear. Choose awareness. Choose EXTEND GROUP.

Insightful SEO strategies yield a breadth and depth of benefits, including the following:

    • Higher organic rankings
    • More relevant traffic
    • Improved conversion rates
    • Increased return visits
    • Enhanced credibility
    • Better website usability
    • Overall heightened brand awareness

Despite all of these advantages, few companies realize how to maximize the potential impact of SEO to make their sites more prominent in search engine results. EXTEND GROUP offers invaluable partnership in putting SEO to work for you. Our low investment methods yield high value results. We do the work; you sit back and watch your ranking grow.

And not only will EXTEND GROUP’s effective SEO techniques bring more visitors to your site, we’ll work with you to track visits and sales while making real-time adjustments for continually improving results. Traffic — and conversions — will continue to skyrocket with minimal incremental cost to you.

At EXTEND GROUP, we don’t view SEO as an obstacle. We view it as an unprecedented opportunity for sustained growth. To that end, our comprehensive marketing approach fuses the latest SEO techniques with other marketing strategies, including social media and content marketing. In fact, SEO can be used to leverage social sharing for exponential impact.

Contact the experts at EXTEND GROUP today to learn more about how to integrate our powerful SEO solutions as part of your customized and fully integrated marketing package.

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