The Benefits of Social Media

If your business isn’t harnessing the full power of social media, you are at a significant disadvantage in today’s competitive marketplace. EXTEND GROUP can set you on the path toward optimal results.

While social media is a relatively new concept, it has quickly become an essential part of modern marketing strategies. Consider the following statistics:

  • 79 percent of marketers report that they’ve integrated social media into their ongoing marketing strategies.
  • More than half of enterprise brands cite social media — surpassing email and corporate websites by 50 percent and 400 percent respectively — as the top driver for brand engagement.
  • 77 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies have a Twitter account .
  • There is a direct correlation between Facebook “Likes” and website visits .
  • 74 percent of brand marketers reported an increase in website traffic after investing just six hours per week into social media.

Social media’s biggest impact may be as a mechanism for building your brand. Effective social media strategies offer the profound opportunity to decide how you want your company to be perceived and to position yourself to achieve that reputation. EXTEND GROUP will partner with you to create a consistent message that most accurately represents — and reinforces — your brand.

Because it’s not just about getting your message out, it’s also about keeping it out in a cohesive and positive way. EXTEND GROUP’s social media influencers use repeat exposure to remind customers of your company’s offerings while adding value through timely communications about everything from flash sales to corporate news.

Just as social media offers you the chance to spread your message to consumers, it also offers consumers a voice. Our social media methods help you transform consumer feedback into actionable insights that build trust and better your brand. Social media also let users share thoughts, ideas and images with each other thereby fostering a sense of brand community.

Ultimately, while social media has the inherent capability to cultivate relationships and promote positive client experiences, a flawless execution is essential. Don’t leave your social media campaign to chance. Instead, leave it to the experts at EXTEND GROUP. Every day, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes use social media to positively interact with target customers and enhance brand recognition.

Don’t miss a critical opportunity to connect with a major market share. Contact EXTEND GROUP today to learn more about putting our proven social media methodologies to work for you.

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