Accelerate growth in your organization

XTEND Leadership Indiana

Transform your team’s communication and unlock their true potential

XTEND Leadership Indiana is a transformational journey designed to accelerate growth in your organization. This is done by helping you discover and develop your greatest marketing asset, your people.

Without a healthy core and strong leadership, an organization cannot thrive. Powerful strategies and tools learned through the XTEND Leadership Indiana program can be quickly implemented into your organization to jump-start growth, optimize efficiencies, and improve engagement.

There are grants available to help Indiana companies obtain funding to offset costs associated with this unique culture-building training program. Contact Shawn Collins for more information on funding qualifications and availability.


The workshops are perfect for any size organization or team, from 1-100!


Workshops are scheduled to fit your team’s availability. There are five 3-hours sessions included in the base program with additional online content. 


Workshops take place in-person at a location of your choice and are reinforced by online content.


Deepen relational trust

Reduce your turnover

Accelerate performance

The XTEND Leadership Experience

Sign up for a free consultation to begin the experience. From there, our program facilitator can assess what your organization or team needs and offer solutions to cultivate healthy company culture. Workshops with your team(s) are then facilitated over a 2 to 6-month period. Monthly engagements such as 1-on-1 coaching and team onboarding are incorporated in the journey to keep everyone engaged.


Free Consultation

Book a one-time consultation, so we can learn more about your needs.


Team Workshop

Your journey begins with the 5 Voices Workshop that focuses on healthy communication and self-awareness. 


Monthly Engagement

Transforming your team’s culture doesn’t happen overnight. We work with you each month to continue the improvement. 

This program is developed by GiANT Worldwide, a global company dedicated to leadership transformation and empowerment. 

GiANT’s people development is scalable and built for everyone, not just CEOs and executives. They empower all people to be intentional in all their relationships, both professional and personal.

Build an Invincible Team in One Year

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