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Dominating the Online eCommerce Space has been dominating the online market for years, competing with giants like Wal-Mart, Target, and Kroger. The company continues to focus on long-term growth and has already begun to sink its teeth into new markets to help it grow even larger, including the sale of aftermarket automotive parts. Amazon is the next big marketplace for the automotive aftermarket, offering same-day shipping in certain cities and providing lower prices than what many brick-and-mortar businesses can offer.

Customers are increasingly turning to eCommerce sites to purchase whatever they need. Auto part sales through Amazon and on eBay have already and will continue to spike. Half of consumers today research prices online before purchasing what they need, and it’s believed that by 2020, nearly all customers will be researching parts before buying online. Customers even go into stores to learn about the product(s) they need, get advice about installation and whatever else, and compare prices, just so they know what to buy online and can ensure it will be cheaper there.

So, if online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have cheaper prices than what your products are listed as in stores and can even offer free or same-day shipping, your customers will start to flock online and give their money to Amazon, eBay, and any other manufacturer utilizing these resources rather than giving that money to you.

Don’t be afraid of Amazon or of losing business to online sellers. You can’t think of these online platforms as threats; think of it as an opportunity. You can utilize Amazon and sell your products online, too.

And we can help you make it happen.

U.S Auto and Parts E-commerce Revenue From 2012 - 2019
Net Sales Revenue of Amazon From 2014 to 2016
Most Popular Retail Websites in the United States as of March 2017, Ranked by Visitor

Even if you’re already selling products on Amazon, EXTEND GROUP can take your product sales to the next level.


Here are two opportunities to help you sell products online and influence your customers to return for other purchases:

Sell 4 U

With our Amazon Sell4U option, EXTEND GROUP evaluates your status within the Amazon marketplace and customizes a proposal to fit your product needs. We will then setup or manage and support your existing Amazon account. We also have the ability to market your product for maximum sales return.

Sell4U Basics:

  • Account Setup and Launch OR Admin Access to Pre-existing Account
  • Analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Product Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Account Management
  • Product Management
U Seller

Our Amazon Useller option is an exclusive online review platform. Your product will have a category exclusive license and domain name (i.e, and will be included on the new product review website. We further help generate the installer demand for your product through various content marketing initiatives.

Both options use analytics, product research, competitive research, forecasting, and search engine optimization to raise your products to the top of the buying platform.

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