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Personal & Professional Development Plans for Individuals & Teams

GiANT Worldwide, an innovator in leadership and culture development, has discovered how to unlock the true potential of people and organizations. Common issues within the workplace and at home, such as:

  • Miscommunication,
  • Drama and office politics,
  • Mistrust and hostility,
  • High turnover,
  • Unrealized potential,

and so much more can be solved through greater self-awareness and understanding the people around you. 

GiANT has developed a number of programs for individuals and teams to eliminate these common issues, improve communication, and jump-start growth. 

Your Program Facilitator:

Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins

Certified GiANT Worldwide Consultant & Founder of EXTEND GROUP

The GiANT Process:


Workshops are tailored for individuals or groups of people, from 1-100! See the available program options below for individual and team opportunities.


Workshops are scheduled to fit your availability. Individuals meet with the facilitator as often as necessary. Team workshops start with five 3-hours sessions.


Team workshops take place in-person at a location of your choice and are reinforced by online content. Individual sessions can take place in-person or virtually.


These programs help individuals and organizations improve communication, deepen relational trust, reduce turnover, and accelerate performance.

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Features & Benefits

Workshop Opportunities for Individuals & Organizations



Get a personal coach with monthly sessions to help you get to the next level in your salary, influence, responsibility, and authority. Get personal accountability to solve problems and achieve goals.


Go through this six-session experience with one of our experts to understand your past and know yourself better than you ever have. Then visualize your future and become the best version of yourself.

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This self-guided online training helps you become a Sherpa, someone who doesn’t just climb but also brings others with them. This leadership program provides over 52 weeks of actionable training.



Most teams only perform at 58% of their capability. Use data to understand the performance of your teams across five key metrics (Communication, Relationships, Alignment, Execution, and Capacity). Create an atmosphere that allows your people to bring their best ideas and take risks without fear.


Take your teams through six workshops created to help them communicate at higher levels. Discover deep truths about yourself and your teammates that will help you be heard and hear others. If you want to transform a team, you must transform team communication.


Is your company based in Indiana? There are grants available to help you obtain funding to offset costs associated with this unique culture-building training program. Contact Shawn Collins for more information on funding qualifications and availability.

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Through monthly team core groups, process the most relevant and important items for your team. This structure creates the flexibility to go deeper on the issues that matter most to any team, at any time. This is especially beneficial for vision, tactics, and execution, at the team level.


Create your own platform to communicate with your organization through live streams, series, episodes, pathways, resources, and more. Build your own training or onboarding programs.

What others are saying

Overall the course has had a positive impact and I am now starting to be aware of ways that I communicate which may be unhelpful and why it is that I have, in the past prior to this role, have had to work hard to have my ‘voice’ heard. It has also helped me to understand how others communicate and to know that we view the same coin differently and can still meet in the middle.

Transforming Team Communication has been just what our team needed to kick start clearer communication, more meaningful relationships, and deeper trust. The common language we have come away with has helped us to clarify what we mean and better understand the person speaking. The valuable but quieter voices are growing in confidence and, as leaders, we are keen for them to speak.

It’s been huge to have a language for the sort of tendencies I’ve felt about myself for a long time. Being a female pioneer sometimes feels a little like I’m an anomaly, but having language which helps me to understand it means that it’s not something which makes me feel like I’m ‘weird’ but rather affirms our God-given differences and has helped me to celebrate mine, which I’ve hugely appreciated.

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