EVANSVILLE, IN – SEPTEMBER 4, 2019 – EXTEND GROUP has decided to consolidate its separate EXTEND PERFORMANCE, EXTEND COMMUNITY, and EXTEND MOBILE business models back into the one EXTEND GROUP platform. The team recognized a need to solidify and simplify the organization’s message, which will allow them to focus more on its clientele than on its separate entities.

“With our new brand positioning and new location, it became especially evident how important it was for us to clarify who EXTEND GROUP is,” said Shawn Collins, Founder and CEO of EXTEND GROUP. “We’re going back to the roots of who we are.”

EXTEND GROUP is a collective of industry experts who strive to extend the reach and success of each of its partners. Through holistic campaigns, the team is able to resolve major problems and produce measurable results for each brand. 

Business at EXTEND GROUP continues to encompass the team’s range of expertise in the automotive aftermarket space, law enforcement, not-for-profits in the community and surrounding areas, as well as its overall consulting solutions. The company’s new position and slogan that motivates the team each day–Cultivating Consumer Experiences that THRIVE–guides EXTEND GROUP back to its roots and produces positive experiences for all partners, end consumers, and the internal EXTEND GROUP team.

EXTEND GROUP is now located at 530 Main Street in downtown Evansville. To learn more about the group’s new brand positioning and view the revitalized website, visit theEXTENDGROUP.com. If you have any questions about the merge or would like additional information on how EXTEND GROUP can help your brand thrive, contact the team at [email protected] or call 855-306-8818.