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Value of Visual Media

Visual media has been proven to increase website views upwards of 94%, yet countless businesses continue to overlook this extraordinarily valuable tool of content marketing. No matter how engaging your content is, without visual media, its overall effectiveness is limited.

At EXTEND GROUP, we pride ourselves on incorporating works of stunning visual media within your website. Our image optimization techniques go above and beyond simple image and video placement.

Visitors to your web pages will be immediately drawn to a display of vibrant, visual works. Showcasing these images and videos will do wonders for your site engagement. It is also imperative to make sure these videos work properly, as slow-loading or low-quality media can be worse than none at all.

So, what exactly are the different types of visual media your business can use and what makes these so crucial for a business?

Our Work

We understand the pivotal role visual content plays in marketing, and we’ve spent years perfecting this end of the digital marketing spectrum. Our media optimization techniques are unique within the industry, so contact us today to transform your website into a spectacular visual experience.

Value of Visual Media


No matter how well your products are described, without photos, customers are far less likely to complete a purchase. Including quality photographs of your products allows viewers to see exactly what they are buying, which increases sales and reduces confusion.

Of course, photographs do not have to be just of your products. There are several ways to integrate relevant pictures within your website to increase traffic. This is where thorough image descriptions and optimal image placement play a vital role. Image optimization is a valuable SEO tactic that significantly increases search engine visibility.


Did you know that having a 60-second video anywhere within your website is the marketing equivalent of displaying 1.8 million words of text? Or that over 100 million internet users watch an online video every day, and nearly half of those share what they’ve viewed? How about the fact that incorporating video marketing can lead to a 90% increase in conversions?

These staggering numbers speak volumes about the effectiveness videos can have on your website.

Videos can cover a wide variety of content and should always be customized to meet the needs of your specific audience. They must also be optimized to load quickly because nothing loses a potential customer faster than a slow, buffering video that takes minutes to load.

As with photography, your videos require precision placement to maximize their effect. Placing unrelated videos randomly throughout your site just for the sake of it is a waste of time and only serves to clutter your site. EXTEND GROUP specializes in placing visual media to maximum effect.

360° Imagery

A relatively new form of visual media that is becoming popular is 360° imagery. Drones are the best way to get the most pristine images for these enhanced professional photographs.

360° imagery greatly improves user experience and gives visitors the option to view a product from all angles, as opposed to just a single front-facing image. This revolutionary form of imagery is quickly becoming a competitive requirement in eCatalogs.

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