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At the EXTEND GROUP, our goal is simple: plan and run dynamic campaigns with integrated strategies that generate leads, build customer loyalty, and create value-driven results. We’re here to make positive changes for your brand. Whether you’re seeking an online marketing consultant or an entirely comprehensive marketing overhaul, our skilled marketing consultants integrate strategies – web, brand, search, social, content, and public relations – based on your individual, dynamic needs as a growing business. All online strategies developed by our digital marketing consultants are results-driven and tailored specifically to your organization and customer base.

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Performance marketing solutions for the automotive aftermarket.


Connect, Protect, and Serve.


We know apps.

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Content Still Reigns Supreme

If you’ve been marketing online for very long, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Content is King,” numerous times. In the past, the phrase referred to the importance of having a website filled with informative written content. Over time, the Internet has gotten...

How to Tailor Your Brand to a Millennial Audience

When it comes to the generation that added "selfie" to the dictionary, the best way your business can maintain its appeal is by building a brand that revolves all around the customer. Millennials and Generation Z determine their own personal brand value by the number...

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

Online content is gaining in importance as part of the sales and marketing mix, which is why your company needs a formal plan for leveraging content to the max. A content marketing strategy outlines how your organization will take its content and engage target...


EXTEND GROUP Celebrates Ten Years In Business

Evansville, Indiana, August 23, 2017  – EXTEND GROUP has reached a milestone this year and is celebrating ten years in business. This award-winning company has grown from a small operation, once known as EXTEND INTERACTIVE, which focused on website and mobile application development. Today, EXTEND GROUP is a professional consulting company that builds result-driven experiences for its clients and can help businesses with a broad range of projects beyond a website and mobile app development, including social media management, content marketing, email marketing, brand development, and much more.

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