XTEND Leadership

Scalable People Development

XTEND Leadership is a transformational journey designed to accelerate growth in your organization. This is done by helping you discover and develop your greatest marketing asset, your people.

With the help of GiANT Worldwide, Shawn Collins has created a 4-month culture and leadership development program to transform the way that teams operate. Powerful strategies and tools learned through this program can be quickly implemented into your organization to jump-start growth, optimize efficiencies, and improve engagement.

Included in XTEND Leadership:

  • Four (4) half-day workshops for up to 8 people per team
  • Four (4) monthly Zoom call meetings (1.5-2 hrs each)
  • Access to GiANT TV resources (see image below)

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GiANT Worldwide is a global company dedicated to leadership transformation and empowerment. GiANT is motivated to raise leadership standards and build leaders who know themselves and lead themselves.

GiANT’s people development is scalable and built for everyone, not just CEOs and executives. They empower all people to be intentional in all their relationships, both professional and personal.

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Empower your team to use their leadership voices effectively. Contact us if you’re interested in transforming the efficiency of your team and establishing strong foundational roots within your organization.